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The best hotels in London

We picked the best hotels in London for 2020 based on our travels, research, plus pricing and ratings from trusted sites such as Trip Advisor and Booking.com.
Travel through London's zoos, monuments and museums virtually.

You can take a virtual trip to London without leaving your house

From Buckingham Palace to the British Museum, here's how to explore one of the most popular tourist destinations from your couch.
Photos inside NHS Nightingale, the UK's makeshift hospital for coronavirus patients.

Photos inside NHS Nightingale, the 4,000-bed makeshift coronavirus hospital in London that took 9 days to build

NHS Nightingale, built inside the ExCeL conference center in east London, will have 4,000 beds and two temporary morgues at full capacity.
Popular London haunts and landmarks were completely deserted.

I’ve lived in central London for 10 years — here’s what I saw on a recent walk through the deserted city

The buzzing city I know and love is normally alive with commuters and tourists, but it's now an eerie and hauntingly quiet ghost town.
The Abbey Road crossing has been freshened up since London went on lockdown.

The Abbey Road crossing has been repainted now that crowds of people aren’t lining up to re-create the Beatles’ iconic album cover

As a result of the novel coronavirus, tourists are no longer crowding the zebra crossing located outside Abbey Road Studios in London.
File photo: A British Airways plane sits beside the runway at London City Airport as security personnel patrol the tarmac on December 18, 2016 in London, England.

One of London’s airports will shut down for at least a month as the coronavirus ravages the air-travel industry

The airport, located centrally in London, is among the most accessible of the city's air links. It plans to stay closed through April.

Scary photos show packed London tube trains despite pleas for people to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak

Some trains were still crowded despite announcements for only essential travel in the British capital.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The UK’s pubs, restaurants, gyms, and cinemas have been ordered to close as the coronavirus surges across Britain

The UK's pubs, restaurants, gyms, and cinemas will be closed as the number of coronavirus cases surges in Britain.

London could be put on coronavirus lockdown within days with pubs closed, police guarding shops, and public movement restricted

London could be put into full coronavirus lockdown by the weekend as the number of cases surges compared with the rest of the UK.
The location of Westminster Morgue, on Horseferry Road, in London.

A morgue in London hastily built an emergency extension as the city prepares for a surge in coronavirus deaths

London officials closed 40 tube stations, shuttered schools, and readied laws forcing people to stay out of pubs as the coronavirus crisis deepened.