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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff strongly disagree about Proposition C, a measure that would tax big businesses in San Francisco to fund homelessness services.

Tech billionaires Marc Benioff and Jack Dorsey are clashing over a key law that could seriously impact the San Francisco homelessness crisis

San Francisco's Proposition C would tax the largest businesses in the city to fund homelessness services.
Cigarette butts line a street in San Francisco

San Francisco paid $400,000 for questionable research that says its filthy streets are clean

Even the city's budget analysts and auditors have questioned the veracity of the findings, which seem to contradict their own mayor's claim that the streets are filthier than before.

San Francisco’s sidewalks are covered with human feces, so the city is launching a ‘Poop Patrol’ to deal with its No. 2 problem

In San Francisco, people call the city's telephone hotline about 65 times a day to report human feces on streets and sidewalks. That adds up to 14,597 calls placed to 311 between January 1 and August 13. Now, city officials are ramping up their response to San Francisco's "poop problem."

San Francisco just appointed a new mayor to a heckling crowd, and everyone is arguing over who is the real puppet for the tech industry

San Francisco is divided over tech's influence in the city, and the battler to fill the mayor's office is now in full swing.
San Francisco Acting Mayor London Breed

San Francisco is getting a new mayor after Ed Lee’s death, and the tech industry’s cozy status in the city may be finished

The contenders to replace Ed Lee as mayor of San Francisco have shown a willingness to take a tougher line with tech.
San Francisco's housing market is out of control, and residents want the tech industry to answer for it.

San Francisco is fed up with Big Tech, and residents are begging the next mayor to do something about it

San Francisco's out-of-control housing prices are causing an uproar. With the election for San Francisco mayor less than three weeks away, many residents are focused on how the candidates will fix the housing crisis. For some, that means asking the tech industry to answer for gentrification.