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"Especially if you're lonely, be careful in your choices. Regulate and be selective in your use," one of the lead researchers said.

People who are addicted to dating apps may have loneliness and social anxiety in common

Researchers surveyed college students and found that some used dating apps to the point they interfered with their performance at work or school.
According to psychologist Maike Luhmann, people experience heightened levels of loneliness periodically as they age. "What matters is social connection," she told Vox.

How being lonely can affect your health and what you can do about it

Too much loneliness can raise your risk of depression and heart disease, help Alzheimer's disease progress, and lower your ability to learn.
A third of children have suffered a traumatic experience.

8% of children experience PTSD by the time they reach 18, according to a new study

Half of children with PTSD had self-harmed, and one in five had attempted suicide, but just one in five had seen a mental health professional in the past year.
Research shows that loneliness is bad for health.

Loneliness is becoming an epidemic in the US, peaking in 20 and 50-somethings, new research says

A new study found high rates of loneliness among a small group of adults. Experts already know that loneliness has a major impact on health.

Being lonely can be as bad for you as smoking. Now you can take a quiz to find out if you’re at risk.

To help everyone get a sense of how lonely they might be, health insurer Cigna on Wednesday released a 10-question quiz.
Loneliness can have adverse health effects.

10 ways loneliness can affect your health — physically and mentally

Loneliness has a surprisingly significant impact on physical and mental health — two experts explain how loneliness might be affecting you.
Turning to technology could be a sign of loneliness.

9 subtle signs that you’re lonely — even if it doesn’t feel like it

If you're experiencing one or more of these nine symptoms, you could have loneliness to blame — even if you don't feel lonely at all. Weight gain, binge-watching TV, and an increase in shopping could all indicate that you're feeling a little lonely.
Karen Dolva, founder and CEO of No Isolation.

This female CEO is trying to defeat loneliness — and robots are part of her plan

Loneliness affects 20-40% of the entire population at some point. Everyone from a four-year-old child to an 80-year-old in a care home can feel lonely. Karen Dolva, from No Isolation, is trying to change that — and her plan involves robots.

We’re learning more about how social isolation damages your brain and body — here are the biggest effects

Social isolation can make people more likely to die or be hospitalized. Scientists are even zeroing in on a few ways it might change a person's brain. Here's what we know so far.

Lonely millennials are at a greater risk of developing anxiety and depression — but the reasons for their isolation are unclear

Isolation can affect many parts of our lives, but millennials are at a particularly high risk of loneliness. There are several reasons for why they are the age group most at risk, such as increased social media use — but it's complicated.