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LeBron James was denied the trademark for ‘Taco Tuesday’ but says the outcome was still a victory

LeBron lost his bid but was also told that the phrase is common enough that he can't be sued in the future for using it.

Lakers’ Alex Caruso received a ‘random’ drug test after edited gym photos went viral

The Lakers point guard implied that the timing of the "random" test might not be a coincidence and that the viral photos may have fooled the league.
LeBron James and Ray Allen would have formed a dynamic duo if they played together in their primes.

LeBron James has played with many former All-Stars past their peak — Here are all 14, ranked

From Antawn Jamison to Shaquille O'Neal to Deron Williams, we ranked all of the former All-Stars who played with LeBron James just a little too late.

Every team of LeBron James’ NBA career, ranked — including his newest Lakers squad

From super-teams in Miami. rag-tag squads in Cleveland, and unknowns in Los Angeles, LeBron James has played with every type of team imaginable.
Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are finally teammates.

The 2019-20 NBA schedule is out — here are the most anticipated games after a summer that rocked the league

From the star power on the Lakers and Clippers to plenty of reunion snd revenge games, the 2019-20 NBA season has a lot of must-see matchups.
LeBron James was excited to get Anthony Davis on the Lakers.

Anthony Davis says LeBron James sent him an ecstatic text message about ‘finally’ getting him to the Lakers within 10 minutes of the trade...

When Anthony Davis was finally traded to the Lakers, LeBron James was one of the first people to reach out to him.
Magic Johnson's comments about meeting with Kawhi Leonard may have hurt the Lakers.

Magic Johnson reportedly may have hurt the Lakers’ pursuit of Kawhi Leonard by violating the star’s request not to discuss free agency

Magic Johnson told the media about meeting with Kawhi Leonard in free agency. To some, that ruined the Lakers chances of signing Leonard.
The Los Angeles Lakers went all-in to pair LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

In the wildest summer in NBA history, teams went all-in on superstars like never before and took league-altering risks

More teams are giving up draft picks and sacrificing their futures for a chance at superstars. It could be part of a changing calculus in the NBA.

Anthony Davis tried to recruit Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers in free agency but had no idea what would work with the enigmatic star

Anthony Davis said he wondered whether he was texting Kawhi Leonard too much while trying to recruit him in free agency.
Dwight Howard's Lakers tenure didn't go as planned.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The players from the Dwight Howard trade that rocked the NBA and sent the Lakers and Magic into tailspins

The Dwight Howard trade didn't work out well for the Lakers or the Magic. Many of the players involved did not play in the NBA for long after the deal.