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The author at the gym.

5 things that didn’t change when I lost 120 pounds

There were a few differences I expected to experience after losing 120 pounds that, to my surprise, didn't change at all. Here they are.
Working from home doesn't mean you can't get in exercise.

15 tips for losing weight when you work from home

With the convenience and comfort of working from home, how can you can you lose weight? Here are a few expert tips on how to do just that.
Losing weight often requires lifestyle changes.

6 weight-loss tips from people who have dropped between 20 and 250 pounds

Losing weight can be a difficult and discouraging journey. We rounded up some tips from people who have done it.
Only counting net carbs can make weight loss more difficult.

10 little ways you’re sabotaging your weight-loss efforts

Here are some subtle ways you could be making your weight loss experience more difficult and how you could be making it tougher to lose weight.
Weight loss is a personal journey, so there are some things that just shouldn't be said.

10 things you should never say to someone who is trying to lose weight

Losing weight is a personal journey and decision so there are some things that are good and encouraging to say, and some things that aren't productive or helpful. Here are things you should never say to someone losing weight.

The 7 best exercises for toning your body right now

There's a science-backed way to get a beach body this summer, and it involves a lot of jumping around. We spoke with Tony Maloney, a trainer and exercise physiologist at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport in Indianapolis, who shared his best tips for getting in shape right now.