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Documentary maker Louis Theroux.

Louis Theroux loves being a viral internet meme, even if he doesn’t understand why

Documentary maker Louis Theroux told Business Insider he doesn't quite understand the runaway success of accounts like @louisetherouxbot.

How Scientology keeps its secrets, and puts journalists ‘on a par with sexual perverts’

The Church of Scientology has been especially hostile to reporters in recent years, and deems them in line with the lowest of humanity.

The man behind a bold new movie exposing Scientology was physically threatened by the church

"My Scientology Movie" talks to ex-Scientology members about alleged incidents, and the church sought to derail filmmaker Louis Theroux's project.

A documentary filmmaker explains how infamous actress Paz de la Huerta hijacked his Scientology movie

"Boardwalk Empire" actress Paz de la Huerta completely steals "My Scientology Movie," and at one point there was supposed to be a lot more of her in the film.

This man made a new movie exposing Scientology’s inner workings and received physical threats

"My Scientology Movie" talks to ex-Scientology members and reenacts alleged incidents to find out what's really going on inside the church.