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Nike's new flagship store in New York.

The flagship store of the future will be nothing like the industry has seen before

Flagship stores are changing. Here's how they could look in the future.
Streetwear brand Supreme is very popular with young people.

Nike, Lululemon, and Gap want to cash in on a major trend of men caring more about their appearance

Menswear is having its moment in the spotlight as Nike, Lululemon, and Gap increase their offerings for men.
Nike's new yoga collection launched this week.

Nike’s new yoga collection has a key advantage that should worry Lululemon

Nike launched its new yoga collection this week, and it looks a lot like something you would find at Lululemon.
Lululemon's library space was small but cozy.

Lululemon is jumping on the cozy trend by opening a homey library space in one of its stores. Here’s what it’s like to visit.

Lululemon helped pioneer athleisure, and as competition grows, it has to get creative to keep up. See inside the brand's cozy new library space.
Nike will roll out a new yoga collection for men next year.

Nike is making its first men’s yoga collection — and Lululemon should be terrified

Nike will debut a yoga collection for men in 2019, as men's fashion has its moment in the spotlight.

People have been sharing a too-good-to-be-true Lululemon ambassador Instagram post and it’s actually a scam

People on social media circulated a story from an Instagram account called @lulurecruitment this week, which Lululemon said is not a verified account.
Lululemon is testing a new membership program.

Lululemon is testing an Amazon Prime-style membership as athleisure competition heats up

Lululemon announced on Thursday that it has been testing a new loyalty program in Edmonton, Canada.
Black Friday sales are starting earlier than ever — and that's creating some problems.

Furious shoppers faced off against crashing websites on Thanksgiving Day — and it reveals a massive evolution of Black Friday shopping

Black Friday sales are starting earlier than ever, with shoppers spending billions of dollars on Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day.
Lululemon shoppers are furious, as the athleisure brand's website is crashing on Thanksgiving Day.

Lululemon’s website is crashing as furious customers try to shop Black Friday sales

Lululemon kicked off Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving — but dozens of shoppers are complaining that the website is crashing.