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Bernard Arnault just surpassed Bill Gates as the world’s 2nd-richest person. Here are the 6 most recognizable brands he owns.

Bernard Arnault, the chairman and CEO of luxury-goods maker LVMH, is now the second-richest person in the world behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Here’s why Angela Ahrendts’ departure could be a good thing for Apple

Ahrendts was a key part of Apple's push to become a luxury brand. That strategy now looks like a big mistake.

Need to Know podcast: Alternative Investments

Here's why you should invest on luxury items.

Woman fined for failing to declare branded goods worth about half a million dollars that were bought overseas

As her luggage bags were put through the X-ray scanner, the ICA officers detected several handbags.

This new startup let me design my own $1,000 luxury handbag from scratch

1 Atelier makes high-end handbags you can design from scratch. It's the first and only entirely customizable luxury goods company.

Here are the craziest and most luxurious services Uber offers its users

Uber offers expensive and extravagant services in its worldwide markets, like yachts, helicopters, and a custom tailgate at NFL games.

China has caught onto the ‘athleisure’ trend, and US companies are profiting

Chinese consumers have shifted from luxury goods to sportswear. US companies have focused on expanding in the region, to profitable results.

A professor tracked email spam selling fake luxury goods to 3 huge Chinese banks

Fake luxury goods are sold all over the internet. Spam can come in the form of an email or a message on some kind of instant messaging system, like WhatsApp.

The cheapest handbags sold by the most luxurious brands are too expensive

The entry-level prices for luxury handbags — and what it says about the company.