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MacBook owners have been complaining about Apple’s butterfly keyboard for years. Here’s how the problems unfolded.

Apple recently apologized for issues with its butterfly keyboard that have affected the 2018 MacBook Pro and older models.
The 2018 MacBook Air in "space gray."

After nearly two weeks with Apple’s brand-new MacBook Air, I’m convinced: It’s worth the high price tag

The first major update to the MacBook Air is available now, and it's really great. Whether it's worth your money is the big question.

I love my new MacBook Air, but these are the 7 worst things about it

There's a lot to love about Apple's latest flagship laptop, the 2018 MacBook Air, but there are a few glaring annoyances worth discussing.

The first new MacBook Air in years is available now, and critics are mostly loving it

Apple gave its MacBook Air laptop a major overhaul for the first time in years, and critics are loving it. Mostly.