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An Apple ad for the 17-inch PowerBook from 2003.

Apple’s rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro would be the biggest Apple laptop in 8 years

The rumored 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro wouldn't be the largest laptop the company has made.

71 Presidents’ Day tech deals that are worth your time — from Google, Amazon, Apple, and more

We found the best Presidents' Day tech deals from Best Buy, Walmart, Lenovo, and Dell, including MacBooks, Fitbits, Google Homes, and the Amazon Echo.

Apple’s new MacBook Air is up to $150 off at Best Buy right now

The new MacBook Air is on sale at Best Buy for up to $150 off. It has a powerful processor, great battery life, and more than enough memory and storage.

Apple’s price hikes have gone way too far

Apple products have always been expensive. But over the last year, they've taken a step toward exorbitant.

The best MacBook for every budget

Sometimes, the best options aren't the ones that Apple suggests.
Apple's Tim Cook isn't happy

The 13 biggest Apple disappointments of 2018

Apple is one of the most influential tech companies in the world. But not everything it debuted in 2018 lived up to expectations.

Amazon is offering a rare $380 discount on Apple’s ultra-thin and lightweight MacBook right now

You can save $380 on a refurbished Apple MacBook on Amazon right now. It's a great portable laptop and is guaranteed to come in like-new condition.
The 2018 MacBook Air in "space gray."

After nearly two weeks with Apple’s brand-new MacBook Air, I’m convinced: It’s worth the high price tag

The first major update to the MacBook Air is available now, and it's really great. Whether it's worth your money is the big question.

I love my new MacBook Air, but these are the 7 worst things about it

There's a lot to love about Apple's latest flagship laptop, the 2018 MacBook Air, but there are a few glaring annoyances worth discussing.