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A Maersk shipping container.

The world’s biggest shipping company just put up a red flag that the trade war is crushing the global economy

'So far, US importers have shifted imports away from China to other countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, India and Mexico,' Maersk said.

The world’s biggest shipping company warns Trump’s China tariffs are hammering global trade

Growth in global container trade more than halved to 1.7% in the first quarter. Maersk warned trade-war tariffs could slow it further.
FILE PHOTO: Empty Maersk shipping containers are seen stacked at Peel Ports container terminal in Liverpool

Lost jobs, shrinking growth, and rotting crops — here are the ways Trump’s trade war is hurting America

Eight months on from the opening salvos of President Donald Trump's trade war, and the real-world impacts are starting to be felt across the globe.

The world’s biggest shipping company has proof that Trump’s China tariffs are battering global trade

AP Moller-Maersk, the world's biggest operator of container ships, is once again sounding the alarm on President Donald Trump's trade war with China.
The MV Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, the world's biggest container ship, arrives at the harbour of Rotterdam August 16, 2013.

The world’s biggest shipping company says Trump’s trade war will hurt America more than anyone else

"Big US consumer brands like Nike produce in all of Asia, not just in one country, so there will be a substitution effect. You can't get Nike sneakers or iPhones that are produced in the US. So it will end up being pushed on to the consumer," Soren Skou of AP Moller-Maersk said.

IBM is teaming up on blockchain with the world’s largest shipping company

The technology behind bitcoin could eliminate enormous piles of paperwork and bureaucracy in the shipping industry.

The world’s largest shipping company has 2 dire warnings for the global economy

Maersk's updated outlook underscores that its industry continues to be slammed by the declines in commodities and shipping activity.