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Malaysia’s PM Muhyiddin wrote to Mahathir to apologise for any hurt feelings – and is now asking for his endorsement

He's also willing to take a pay cut, given the economic situation and larger Cabinet size.

This word cloud shows how much Malaysians want Anwar to be the next PM

Also popular were Mahathir, Wan Azizah, and Azmin Ali.

Mahathir is now interim PM – and he was picked by the King thanks to a longtime tradition

A general election will only be held if there is no majority consensus.

TIMELINE: Everything that’s happened so far in Malaysia’s explosive political saga

He will be interim PM until a new Cabinet is formed.

‘Ironic’: Netizens are criticising Mahathir for telling Trump to resign, saying he should also step down to ‘save Malaysia’

"If Trump decides not to do business with Malaysia in retaliation, who will save Malaysia then?"

‘A criminal plot has been set in motion’: MACC chief says people are trying to discredit her for airing Najib phone calls

"I wish to send a clear message...that I will not be threatened or intimidated from carrying out my duty as the chief commissioner of the MACC."

4 PH members caught by police while high on drugs at a 5am party in Selangor

The embarrassing arrests come at a time when PH's popularity has nosedived as it struggles to fulfill its election promises.

‘We are no longer safe now’: Mahathir warns terrorism could escalate after ‘immoral’ Soleimani killing

"If anybody insults or says something that somebody doesn't like, it is alright for that person from another country to send a drone and perhaps have a shot at me," the PM said.

Mahathir may be education minister until April while choosing Maszlee’s replacement

The PM has been vocal about his desire to implement bold educational reforms.