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‘I made my promise, I keep my promise’: Mahathir confirms handover to Anwar despite sexual assault allegations

"If people don’t want him, that is their business, but I will do my part of the promise... irrespective of whatever allegation."

Months after hype, Mahathir says Malaysia shouldn’t have called its big drone a ‘flying car’

"The mistake was in calling it a flying car. It is actually a big drone."

I don’t want to be PM when I’m 100, Mahathir says of proposed two-term limit

"I am 94 years old, you want me to be PM at 100?" he said.

Malaysia’s Natural Resources Minister says Singapore is buying water at an ‘unreasonable’ rate that is ‘too cheap’

The revision is needed to address water supply in Johor, and to combat climate change issues, which would influence the availability of water, he said.

Malaysia’s ‘kindest King ever’ has won the internet after stopping his motorcade to help road accident victims – again

As far as we know, the King has stopped his motorcade to check in on accident victims at least four times this year.

Mahathir tells FT there are no plans to step down in 2020 – and admits he may be the best person to run Malaysia right now

The actual time he will step down depends on "the problems that we face", he said.