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Saudi Arabia’s crown prince postponed his first trip to Malaysia – one day before he was due to arrive

The Crown Prince's trip to Malaysia would have been his first visit to the country since being appointed Saudi Arabia's crown prince in 2017.

Mahathir just accepted 7 Umno MPs into Bersatu, claims they’ve been ‘vetted’ and won’t get official positions

The news sparked an angry statement from Chang Lih Kang, vice president of PH component party PKR, who called the move "a sheer betrayal" of the peoples' desicion to "oust" Umno at the elections.

A Malaysian runner is asking for RM4 million to pay for the ‘high costs’ of her world tour – but netizens aren’t buying it

To scale 30 of the world's tallest towers by next year, she needs USD1 million (RM4.07 million), free flights, and free accommodation.

Malaysia scraps China-backed East Coast Rail Link plan over price

Economy minister Azmin Ali admitted the government could not afford hefty interest rates demanded by high-profile ‘Belt and Road’ project

Malaysia could curb French purchases if palm oil use restricted

Mahathir says Malaysia will consider laws to restrict imports of French products if Paris does not withdraw plans to curb the use of palm oil in biofuels.

A global anti-corruption fund mooted by Mahathir gets named after him – and Malaysia has donated RM500,000 to it

He proposed a global fund to protect the staff of anti-corruption agencies - and it ended up being named after him.

Malaysia imposes ban on events involving Israelis

Israeli athletes have been barred by Malaysia from attending the World Para Swimming Championships scheduled for the eastern state of Sarawak from July 29-Aug. 4.

Mahathir is the first Malaysian invited to speak at Oxford Union, whose past speakers include Einstein, Johnny Depp and Shakira

According to the society's website, Mahathir will speak on Friday (Jan 18) at 5pm UK time.

Malaysia to define what is considered an insult to royals and enact harsher punishments, after 3 arrested for comments about former King

The government has decided to enforce harsher punishments for those who make insulting comments about royals.