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Mahathir has been named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2019, after election that ‘re-established democracy’ in Mala...

The list also included Donald Trump, K-pop group BTS, and scientist He Jiankui, a scientist who changed the genomes of twin girls so they could have immunity to HIV.

HSR “not really necessary” as it’s only between Singapore and KL, Mahathir says

Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said the country would eventually need a high-speed train from Johor Baru to Penang, and possibly even to the Thai border.

A powerful new card will let users pay for parking, ERP and highway tolls in both Singapore and Malaysia

Frequently travel between and Malaysia? You'll want to get a piece of this.

4 key things that came out of the meeting between Singapore’s PM Lee and Malaysia’s PM Mahathir

There might be an eSports exchange programme in the future.

Anwar has made clear that his family supports PM Mahathir, after daughter Izzah said she was ‘heartbroken’ from working with the ‘fo...

Anwar said that PM Mahathir's biggest contribution to Malaysia was his move to oust the previous government and save the country from "robbery".

Some local, foreign firms eye Malaysia Airlines, PM says

He said he won't reject the possibility of selling the airlines to interested parties.

Fate of Malaysia Airlines still up in the air, but PM Mahathir says a decision will be made ‘soon’

"It is a very serious matter to shut down the airline," Mahathir said, but added that MAS' fate is up in the air.

PM Mahathir says Johor govt, people must speak up on the Singapore water agreement

The "rich" country of Singapore has been benefiting from "poor" Malaysia in the water issue, Mahathir said.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince postponed his first trip to Malaysia – one day before he was due to arrive

The Crown Prince's trip to Malaysia would have been his first visit to the country since being appointed Saudi Arabia's crown prince in 2017.

Mahathir just accepted 7 Umno MPs into Bersatu, claims they’ve been ‘vetted’ and won’t get official positions

The news sparked an angry statement from Chang Lih Kang, vice president of PH component party PKR, who called the move "a sheer betrayal" of the peoples' desicion to "oust" Umno at the elections.