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Qatar calls Trump’s Jerusalem decision a ‘death sentence for peace’

The US has historically played a major mediating role in Israel-Palestine peace negotiations.

Trump reportedly told Palestinian leadership of plans to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Multiple news outlets reported Tuesday that President Donald Trump told the Palestinian Authority's president that the US Embassy in Israel would relocate.

Israel won’t negotiate with a reconciled Palestinian government unless Hamas does the one thing they can’t do

Israel's security cabinet announced that the government would not negotiate with any Palestinian government that includes an armed Hamas.
U.S. President Donald Trump prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem May 22, 2017.

‘Here we go again’: Israel and Palestine may doom Trump’s Middle East peace push before it even starts

Donald Trump has signaled that he is serious about pursuing a Middle East peace deal involving Israel and Palestine, but multiple issues stand in the way.
U.S. President Donald Trump and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Both Israel and Palestine are convinced Trump is prepping a big Middle East peace plan

Meetings at the UN last week convinced both Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Trump is serious.