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The Independence-variant littoral combat ship USS Montgomery (LCS 8) conducts routine operations near the drillship West Capella

US Navy warns China to stop ‘bullying’ others in the South China Sea as its ships sail into a standoff

Two US Navy ships sailed into the middle of a standoff in the contested South China Sea as a fleet commander warned China to stop "bullying" others.

An Italian cruise ship will finally dock in Singapore after Thailand and Malaysia rejected it amid the global coronavirus epidemic

Nearly 2,000 people — dozens of whom are Italians — will be screened for coronavirus symptoms before disembarking in Singapore.
Malaysian Airlines is struggling to survive.

I flew on 2 back-to-back Malaysia Airlines flights, and now I’m rooting for the struggling airline to survive

I recently flew on two Malaysia Airlines flights — one international and one domestic. I'll definitely book another if given the option.

‘Just the same s**t rehashed’: Netizens are bashing a new MH370 documentary after Malaysia refuted claims of mass murder

"I am surprised he is raising this theory now — for what purpose, I do not know."

WhatsHalal – the app behind a popular halal food scanner – has raised funding worth S$4.5 million to develop its tech

The app is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. 
The cruise ship MS Westerdam at dock in the Cambodian port of Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

More than 780 Westerdam travelers trapped in Cambodia over coronavirus fears just tested negative for COVID-19 and can finally go home

This saga hasn't ended for everyone: 747 crew members remain stuck on the Westerdam, which is docked in Cambodia. Their COVID-19 tests are up next.

Universiti Malaya says volunteers agreed to help with Chinese quarantine – but students claim it was like working in a ‘concentration camp...

The Student Union is now demanding a public apology from the school and a guarantee that it will cover all medical costs if volunteers contract the virus.

After supermarket frenzy, Singapore and Malaysia are working to stop cross-border coronavirus cases

The high travel volume between both countries could lead to more cross-border cases.
Where do you want to retire?

These are the top 10 countries to retire in this year, according to US expats who have already made the move

International Living ranked the best global retirement destinations, considering quality of life and affordable healthcare. Five are in Latin America.