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Malaysia says it will not free Vietnamese woman accused in Kim Jong Nam killing

Malaysia's rejection of Vietnam's request was "perverse", her lawyer said.

After months of promising to abolish the death penalty, Malaysia’s government now makes U-turn

A group of lawyers said the backtracking of the abolition was "shocking, unprincipled and embarrassing".

Malaysia drops murder charge against Indonesian woman in Kim Jong Nam case

Siti Aisyah hugged her co-accused Doan Thi Huong and cried.

Malaysia deports 6 Egyptians with suspected Islamist militant links despite concerns over torture, rights abuses

The suspects include five people who allegedly confessed to being part of Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Malaysia among most dangerous of 14 countries in APAC ranked for women’s safety, study says

Malaysia was ranked 10th out of 14 for women's safety in a ranking of APAC countries with major cities.

Malaysia has seized 3,300 rare pig-nosed turtles worth US$37,000

Apart from being sold as live pets, the pig-nosed turtle is often hunted for meat consumption and traditional medicines.

Having a gang tattoo is enough to get you arrested, Malaysian police warn

If found guilty, they can sentenced to a maximum jail term of three years, or a maximum fine of RM5,000.

An arrest warrant is out for Najib’s former aide Paul Stadlen, and his lawyers are accusing the Malaysian government of a political agenda

Stadlen is alleged to have laundered 14.3 million ringgit in proceeds from illegal activities.

Malaysian held over Mongolian model’s grisly murder loses Australian asylum bid

Shaariibuu was reportedly blown up with military grade explosives in a forest on the outskirts of KL.