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Malaysia is now the world’s 12th easiest place to do business: World Bank report

It's among five Asian economies that made it into the top 15.

Malaysia could become target for sanctions in US-China trade war, Mahathir warns

“It is disappointing to see the proponents of free trade now indulging in restrictive trade on a grand scale."

Mahathir now says ‘no reason’ to revive GST ‘which was rejected by the people’

SST is expected to yield more income than the GST system in the future.

Malaysia could bring back the GST if that’s what people want, Mahathir says

But even if the GST were to make a comeback, it would unlikely be during the 2020 Budget announcement

Mahathir says Malaysia may offer another round of Samurai bonds – here’s what they are

Samurai bonds give Malaysia access to Japanese capital.

BN did not ‘rob’ Malaysia of RM19.4 billion in GST money: here’s what really happened

But Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that he still considered the funds "lost" unless they were formally recovered.

Malaysia’s public sector ‘performs relatively well’ but still lags behind high-income countries: World Bank

In particular, Malaysia's public service lags behind other advanced economies in terms of openness and transparency.

Fresh graduates in Malaysia struggling to find jobs

A report says the economy is not creating enough high-skilled positions.