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Shakespeare was Anwar’s ‘best companion’ in jail, he says

"I’m a happy man. I can talk about prison, I can joke about it," he said.

Anwar reportedly told Bloomberg he will take over as Malaysia’s Prime Minister around May 2020

He added that there could be other individuals "with ambitions with their own design", but said he considered these "quite irrelevant".

Sued for RM10.3 million in unpaid taxes, Najib’s daughter says money was from husband for dowry, household expenses

She said that the Government was "hell-bent on going against my entire family".

Malaysia’s 94-year-old Prime Minister goes on 11km cycle

How many 94-year-olds do you know are cycling 11km distances?

Malaysian senator proposes new law to ‘protect’ men who are ‘seduced’ by women into committing rape and incest

The senator said that his proposal should be given due consideration so that "the men in this country are safe, and the country is peaceful”.

For the first time, Umno is resorting to crowdfunding to prepare for GE15

It plans to have a professional body ensure that the source of funds is "clean".

‘My loyalty has its limits’, Azmin says after investigation results, while Anwar claims the pair are ‘still a team’

"I am confident, from the very start, that it was the work of internal politics."