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The aide involved in the gay sex scandal has disappeared from work for four days – and his family doesn’t know where he is

His employer said he would be fired immediately if he did not respond to a HR letter by Friday.

Mahathir picked a lawyer as Malaysia’s new anti-corruption chief – but the Malaysian Bar is strongly objecting

She hasn't even been in office a week, but her appointment is already causing quite a stir.

Half of Malaysians think a repeat of May 13 is likely in the current political context, survey finds

82% think that Malaysia still has race relation issues that need to be addressed. #May13

Mahathir has been named one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders for ‘tackling endemic corruption’ in Malaysia

Less than a month after being called one of the world's most influential people, Mahathir has another accolade to add to his name.

Johor Prince Tunku Idris may have just announced he is planning to contest in the next General Election

The prince first hinted at contesting on April 25 with a photo on Instagram.

Mahathir called the Johor Crown Prince ‘a small fry’, after the royal was filmed saying ‘it’s better to change the Prime Minis...

This is not the first public spat between the two: Mahathir and Tunkul Ismail have a history of not getting along.

Rosmah charged again for alleged RM5 million bribe

Rosmah claimed trial.

Anwar has made clear that his family supports PM Mahathir, after daughter Izzah said she was ‘heartbroken’ from working with the ‘fo...

Anwar said that PM Mahathir's biggest contribution to Malaysia was his move to oust the previous government and save the country from "robbery".

‘Come… spread love’: Education Minister says his Twitter was hacked following a couple of really strange tweets

One of the tweets read in Malay: "Come... spread love. Reject distant happiness."