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Malaysian senator proposes new law to ‘protect’ men who are ‘seduced’ by women into committing rape and incest

The senator said that his proposal should be given due consideration so that "the men in this country are safe, and the country is peaceful”.

For the first time, Umno is resorting to crowdfunding to prepare for GE15

It plans to have a professional body ensure that the source of funds is "clean".

‘My loyalty has its limits’, Azmin says after investigation results, while Anwar claims the pair are ‘still a team’

"I am confident, from the very start, that it was the work of internal politics."

Political party leader paid ‘hundreds of thousands of ringgit’ to make sex video implicating Azmin, Malaysian police say

Meanwhile, Anwar is facing increasing heat over his comments related to the case.

‘Please reflect on his own face’: Azmin hits back at Anwar for saying he should resign if he is identified in sex tapes

Former PM Najib Razak also posted a photo of a mirror on Facebook in reference to Azmin's comment.

Anwar’s aide arrested in relation to leaked sex videos that implicated Economic Affairs Minister Azmin: The Star

Farhash had in June said that he had nothing to do with the video leaks, and did not know who was behind it.

“Prime Minister’s Question Time” is now a thing – and Mahathir says he’s turning up whether there are questions or not

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad will soon be appearing in Parliament every Wednesday to answer questions directed specifically at the PM.

CCTV footage allegedly from the hotel Haziq said he met Azmin has been leaked, fuelling a sex scandal that just won’t go away

Unlike the previous videos which were circulated online, no sex acts or conversations were shown in this one.

Scandal-plagued Zahid is returning to Umno after a hiatus – and observers think it could break the party up

Zahid's connection to former prime minister Najib Razak, who is battling corruption allegations, is also a concern.

Malaysia Airlines apologises for 2.5-hour delay that caused the Defence Minister to miss meeting with Mahathir: Report

This comes after the minister called MAS out in an official letter posted on Twitter.