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Kelantan’s crown prince met his Swedish bride in England: he was in university, she was doing chores for a UK family

The couple apparently met in England, and have known each other for a long time.

A woman believed to be from Perak’s royal family has died while diving near Perhentian Island

She gave the "OK" signal at a depth of 15m and then continued to dive deeper. But all of a sudden, she became weak.

Malaysian royals elect new king after surprise abdication

Sultan Abdullah, 59, of Pahang, will formally take over the throne on Jan. 31 for a five-year term.

Malaysia’s royal council meets after king’s surprise resignation

A vote must be held within four weeks of the throne becoming vacant.

Malaysia’s King Muhammad V shocks by becoming first monarch to resign before completing tenure

This is the first time a monarch in Malaysia has stepped down before completing their five-year tenure.