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Malaysia rises to 16th place in ranking of world’s best retirement schemes, and is third best in Asia: Mercer

Malaysia's retirement schemes are now on par with advanced economies like the US and UK, the report found.

1 in 5 Muslim women in Malaysia believe husbands have a right to beat their wives

70% of Muslim women said polygamy was a right for men, but only 32% would allow it for their own marriage.

#BoycottMalaysia war raging on Twitter, but India and Malaysia are still friends, Mahathir says

Some people are even calling for a boycott of AirAsia.

Malaysia could bring back the GST if that’s what people want, Mahathir says

But even if the GST were to make a comeback, it would unlikely be during the 2020 Budget announcement

Ahead of Merdeka Day, Lee Chong Wei says divided nation is ‘not the Malaysia I fought for’

"It was a beautiful Malaysia, multiracial. Don’t kill it,"

Half of Malaysians think a repeat of May 13 is likely in the current political context, survey finds

82% think that Malaysia still has race relation issues that need to be addressed. #May13

Malaysia could be removing its price cap for RON95 petrol soon

A new petrol subsidy is being finalised, and will be implemented once the list of B40 recipients has been updated.

Malaysia probes book on Muslim women who refuse to wear headscarves

It is still unclear what offences or laws the book was being investigated over.