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Half of Malaysians think a repeat of May 13 is likely in the current political context, survey finds

82% think that Malaysia still has race relation issues that need to be addressed. #May13

Malaysia could be removing its price cap for RON95 petrol soon

A new petrol subsidy is being finalised, and will be implemented once the list of B40 recipients has been updated.

Malaysia probes book on Muslim women who refuse to wear headscarves

It is still unclear what offences or laws the book was being investigated over.

Malaysian minister calls presence of LGBT groups at Women’s Day march ‘a misuse of democratic space’

"I am very shocked with the actions of certain parties... that misused democratic space in order to defend things that are wrong from the point of view of Islam," he said.

Having a gang tattoo is enough to get you arrested, Malaysian police warn

If found guilty, they can sentenced to a maximum jail term of three years, or a maximum fine of RM5,000.

Love blooms in Malaysia: Spending on Valentine’s Day flowers soars 104% in three years, Mastercard says

Two popular Valentine's Day gifts – or rather, experiences – in 2018 were travels and hotel staycations.

Malaysian men still outnumbered women by 1 million in Q4 last year – and fewer babies were born

There were approximately 16.8 million males, and only 15.8 million females in Malaysia in Q4 last year.

Umno MPs demanded Malaysia’s top judges resign for dancing to ‘Let’s Twist Again’ – and Twitter isn’t having it

And at least one person felt the whole thing was Chubby Checker's fault for writing such a catchy song.

Malaysia to revise school textbook telling girls to cover up

A section suggested girls should cover up to avoid sexual assault.