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"We have a deep responsibility to make sure people using Instagram feel safe and supported," Instagram said in a statement about the girl's death.

A teen in Malaysia reportedly killed herself after posting a poll that asked her Instagram followers to help her choose life or death

A 16-year-old girl was found dead hours after posting a poll asking her Instagram followers to help her choose "L/D."

Malaysians are enraged after George Clooney said the boycott of hotels owned by Brunei’s sultan was a ‘warning shot’ to Malaysia and...

Malaysia’s deputy foreign minister Datuk Marzuki Yahya said that while LGBT+ lifestyles deviate from Islam, the government will not impose such a punishment on the group.

Malaysia seeks forfeiture of assets seized from ex-PM Najib

Najib said the forfeiture action was being used by authorities to delay or avoid returning the assets, which he said were mostly cash belonging to his political party and gifts from various friends and family.

Malaysia ranked 39th in a list of the world’s 50 sexiest accents – and Singapore didn’t even make the cut

Apparently, Malaysian accents are becoming increasingly Americanised.

China’s waste ban has turned Malaysia into the world’s dumping ground – and now Malaysia’s climate change minister wants exporting countries to ...

Malaysia wants to ship back trash to their exporting countries, but not at its own expense.

Two-month-old baby who died on AirAsia flight had been ‘crying continuously’, fellow passenger says

The infant was grey in colour and struggled to breathe, said a former nurse who happened to be on board the same flight.

Malaysia could be removing its price cap for RON95 petrol soon

A new petrol subsidy is being finalised, and will be implemented once the list of B40 recipients has been updated.

Fire tamed at Petronas’ flagship Malaysian oil refinery

The fire was contained within about 30 minutes

Malaysia is the largest consumer of illegal cigarettes in the world with over 12 billion sticks sold in 2018: Study

The study found that 58.9 per cent of cigarettes sold in Malaysia were illegal.

Malaysia just dumped its superyacht for $125 million — half its original price

The Malaysian government sold its 91.5-metre Oceanco superyacht Equanimity for $126 million.