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A devious malware called ‘Agent Smith’ secretly infected over 55,000 devices in Malaysia, one of the worst-hit in SEA

The dubious software stealthily disguises itself as a Google-related app.

Malaysian minister says sea sand export ban wasn’t targeted at Singapore

Malaysia does not have the right to prevent countries from carrying out reclamation, he said.

Malaysia to take action against school over ‘anti-palm oil propaganda’

Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok said on Tuesday that the school was promoting “hateful thoughts” toward the palm oil industry

In blow to Singapore’s expansion, Malaysia bans sea sand exports

Prime minister Mahathir Mohamad was reportedly upset that Malaysia’s land was being used to increase the size of its wealthier neighbor.
Red-eared slider turtles.

More than 5,000 turtles were found smuggled in luggage at an airport in Malaysia

The red-eared slider turtles were found inside the luggage of two men who flew into the Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Malaysians have an average of 6 best friends, Snapchat report finds

Three-quarters of respondents said their best friend was someone of the same gender.

Nearly 25% of Malaysians have had suicidal thoughts: YouGov

Worryingly, about 26 per cent of the respondents surveyed said they had carried out acts of self-harm before.

TransferWise customers can soon send money out of Malaysia with ‘no hidden mark-ups’

This makes Malaysia TransferWise's fourth country in Asia to enjoy its remittance service after Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.