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Malaysians won’t be able to leave the country for 2 weeks – here’s why the Movement Control Order is not a lockdown

“This is nothing like a lockdown at all," the former health minister reportedly said.

Malaysia’s fiberisation plan to reach 30 mbps is a ‘quite an ask’, considering current standards: Opensignal

Malaysia's current download speeds hit 22 mbps at best in September, Opensignal said.

Malaysia remains a ‘transit hub for terrorists’ – and it’s visa-free travel that makes it a ‘first choice’

Travellers from most Middle-Eastern countries and some African nations do not require a visa to enter Malaysia.

Johor Crown Prince claimed that Malaysian government is spying on Johor royals — but here’s what the KL authorities are saying

Johor Crown Price Tunku Ismail claims that the Malaysian Government is spying on him and his father ere's what the Malaysian authorities replied.