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Singapore’s government is preparing to help house thousands in hotels and dorms after Malaysia said it will shut borders

The short-term housing options include hotels, dormitories and rooms or whole property in HDB flats and private residences.

Malaysia has one of the biggest gender gaps in South-east Asia, and places in the bottom half of WEF’s Global Gender Index

The World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that the overall gender gap in the world will take 99.5 years to close.

Malaysia among most dangerous of 14 countries in APAC ranked for women’s safety, study says

Malaysia was ranked 10th out of 14 for women's safety in a ranking of APAC countries with major cities.

Malaysia is offering a tax exemption for women who return to work in 2019 – and it could last for a whole year

If you're a Malaysian woman who is unemployed, this could be your calling to land a job again.

Survey finds that 87% of Malaysians are thinking of switching to an entirely new career path – here’s why

A recent survey by Monster.com polled 799 Malaysian workers, and found that many of them want to switch to a new career path.