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At least 20 people are injured after a major explosion wiped out a large chunk of a Florida mall

Pictures and videos posted on social media show The Fountains shopping center in Plantation reduced to shattered glass and wood littering the parking lot.
Scoops Ahoy! is a fictional ice cream parlor, but the Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, Indiana, features a number of real companies that have since gone bankrupt.

‘Stranger Things” new season features a slew of iconic stores that no longer exist

Season three of "Stranger Things" is all about the mall, and the Starcourt Mall in Hawkins, Indiana, is jam-packed with actual retailers.
Four girls shopping at a mall in the 1990s.

13 vintage photos of malls in their ’90s glory

While malls are going through a rough time in 2019, these vintage photos show what they used to look like at the top of their game in the '90s.

The death of the American mall is perfectly illustrated by this crazy new game

A new web-based game does an excellent job walking players through what it's like trying to operate a modern mall.

Kohl’s is defying the retail meltdown — and it’s more proof that malls are dying

Kohl's reported promising earnings today and despite New York Stock Exchange declines, the news appears to be optimistic.

‘It was a ghost town’: Shoppers reveal why they’ve abandoned Sears and Kmart

"The end is near," says Sears shopper Rick Arnold. "The store I grew up with will be just a memory. So sad."

At least 4 people have been stabbed at a shopping mall near Boston

The Taunton Police Department said on Twitter it was investigating "multiple stabbings" at the mall and on a nearby street.