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FILE PHOTO: A line worker installs the front seats on the flex line at Nissan Motor Co's automobile manufacturing plant in Smyrna Tennessee

US manufacturing activity sees first quarterly decline since 2017

A gauge of industrial activity in the US unexpectedly slipped in March, the latest sign of a cooling manufacturing sector.

The US just got its latest sign that the manufacturing sector is slowing down

New orders for goods made in the US slid in February after barely rising in the previous two months.
Rep. Tim Ryan.

Tim Ryan, the newest Democratic presidential candidate, thinks Trump is telling ‘a lie’ about the future of the US and reveals how he woul...

"Trump was talking about the jobs of the past. That's a lie. Those aren't coming back," 2020 Democratic candidate Tim Ryan said in an interview with INSIDER.
Italy, France and the entire eurozone are following Germany into a manufacturing recession.

The recession in German manufacturing is worse than we thought

"Manufacturing conditions are now deteriorating at their fastest rate in more than six years," Pantheon Macroeconomics' Claus Vistesen says.

Global stocks bounce as China manufacturing data smashes expectations

Global markets are rallying after Chinese industrial data smashed predictions to paint a rosier-than-expected picture of the world economy.
It's a car crash for German manufacturing.

German manufacturing just slumped to the lowest level since the financial crisis — and it’s a major warning sign for the global economy

German PMI data slumped to its lowest levels since the financial crisis showcasing the growing problems at the heart of the country's economy.
There is only one factory in the US that makes tanks, like the upgraded M1A2 Abrams tank, for the US Army.

A short history of America’s only Army tank factory, which Trump is about to tour

President Donald Trump on Wednesday is touring a sprawling Ohio factory that has been building Army tanks and armored vehicles since World War II.
SunPower Corporation, headquartered in Silicon Valley, equipment technicians install P-Series solar panel manufacturing technology at its Hillsboro manufacturing plant in Hillsboro, Oregon, US

The US just got the latest sign manufacturing activity is slowing down

New orders for American-made goods rose less than expected at the end of 2018.

American manufacturing is in danger of entering a mild recession this year

A measure of factory output unexpectedly fell at the start of the year, raising concerns that the sector could be headed for a downturn.
Epinephrine is injected in the upper thigh using an auto-injector syringe as an emergency treatment for an acute allergic reaction to food or insect stings.

People rely on the EpiPen in life-or-death situations, but the devices are remarkably hard to test. Here’s why.

Testing lifesaving EpiPens before they get to patients is challenging because testing destroys them, according to the EpiPen's manufacturer.