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The market’s safest assets have become the world’s most crowded trade — and it shows just how worried everyone is about the trade wa...

Formerly unstoppable mega-cap tech stocks have lost their crown as the world's most crowded position. People have shifted into risk-off mode.

Investors are banking on rate cuts to extend the stock market’s gains. Here’s why their hopes could be dashed.

Stocks and bonds have priced in multiple interest-rate cuts from the Federal Reserve this year and next, but it's unlikely that one will come in June.
Flashing red lights.

The bond market is sending a ‘clear warning’ that stocks are topping

Numerous yield curve inversions are a sign that equities are topping and the S&P 500 could cap at 2,800, according to analysts from Societe Generale.

Trump likes to use the stock market as a scorecard for his presidency. By that measure, he’s performing better than average.

Trump has long said that he boosted the market, and has used market performance as a scorecard for his presidency.
A man stands in front of an electronic board showing stock information at a brokerage house in Hefei, Anhui province, in China.

World stocks are slumping as bad economic data point to a global slowdown

Asian, European and US stocks fell on Thursday as weak German, French, and South Korean data offset earnings beats by Microsoft and Facebook.
The Charging Bull statue, also known as the Wall St. Bull, is seen in the financial district of New York City

US stocks rally again to record highs as earnings smash expectations — ‘Is it different this time?’

Better-than-expected earnings unleashed a wave of optimism in the US, sending the S&P 500 to its "third big high." Asia and Europe weren't as upbeat.

Oil prices soar after Trump tightens his squeeze on Iran, while Tehran threatens to close one of the world’s most important shipping lanes in re...

Oil prices hit a six-month high after the White House decided not to renew waivers due to expire in May for Iranian crude buyers.

Germany’s economy is flashing yet another ‘grim’ warning after more weak data and a slump in demand

Weak manufacturing data and lower growth forecasts are signalling major weakness in Germany.

China’s strong data sparks major stock rally with economic stimulus ‘bearing fruit’

Global stock markets were broadly higher Wednesday after China released positive GDP, industrial, retail and investment data.