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There’s a budding rap battle between 2 NBA stars, and other players are taking sides

Marvin Bagley III and Damian Lillard are pulling no punches in their budding rap battle fought through Soundcloud tracks.

Top NBA Draft prospect Marvin Bagley III explains why he isn’t worried about adjusting to the modern NBA

Marvin Bagley III has a classic game for a big man, but he isn't worried about adjusting to the modern NBA, saying he's simply a basketball player who can do what's asked of him.

NBA MOCK DRAFT: Here’s what the experts are predicting for all 30 first-round picks

The 2018 NBA Draft is considered a deep, talented draft, particularly for big men. To get an idea of how it may play out, we surveyed experts' mock drafts to find consensus picks for the first round.
Daniel Dubois.

18 under-the-radar athletes who will hit the big time in 2018

2018's young athletes to watch out for include the son of a football icon, the next Conor McGregor, and the best college basketball player on the planet.