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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey.

Why Rep. Joe Kennedy is mounting a primary challenge to one of the most progressive members of the US Senate

"People don't usually run against someone from their own party with whom they are in substantial agreement on the issues," Barney Frank told Insider.
U.S. President Trump holds campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio

GOP governors who took the coronavirus seriously saw a huge polling bump. Trump didn’t and is tanking.

Republican governors who took the coronavirus seriously from the start, and in some cases pushed against Trump, have seen a surge in approval.

Nearly 70 veterans at a Massachusetts elder care facility have died from the coronavirus

At least 68 residents at the Soldiers' Home in Holyoke, Massachusetts, have died from COVID-19. Another 82 have tested positive.
A skateboarder wearing a mask rides down the boardwalk on April 02, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida.

9 charts reveal how outbreaks in US coronavirus hot spots have progressed daily since the beginning of March

As the US surpasses 788,000 cases — more than any other country — data shows how the virus is spreading across some of its biggest hot spots.
Masked statues in front of Fenway.

Usually crowded Boston landmarks like Fenway Park and Faneuil Hall cut a stark figure as they are deserted amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown

For this native Bostonian, closed Dunkin' Donuts locations and a quiet Fenway Park were both harrowing sights.

A test of 200 people just outside Boston found that 32% had been exposed to the coronavirus, compared to an official rate of 2%

The study was carried out last week on passersby in Chelsea, Massachusetts. It suggests that the outbreak there is more severe than previously known.
Medics transport a patient who has tested positive for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at Eastpointe Rehab and Skilled Care Center in Chelsea, Massachusetts

Boston ER doctor reports an alarming trend of COVID-19 patients returning to hospital ‘sicker’ and in need of a ventilator

Having COVID-19 patients that need to be hospitalized not once, but twice, could further strain Massacuhusett's "stretched" hospital system.
Mirna Pacaja

‘The distancing is non-existent’: Seafood processing workers in Massachusetts speak out about unsafe working conditions amid coronavirus

Seafood processing workers say they lack protective equipment and that social distancing isn't being taken seriously at their facilities.

Nearly a dozen veterans died when coronavirus tore through a soldiers’ home in Massachusetts

Flags in Holyoke, Massachusetts were lowered to honor those who died at a housing complex for formerly homeless veterans.