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President Donald Trump holds up a memorandum that reinstates sanctions on Iran after he announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in the Diplomatic Room at the White House May 8, 2018 in Washington, DC.

27 Republicans just joined Democrats to block Trump from going to war with Iran without congressional approval

"This is the only way to stop Trump from starting another costly war. Constitutional rights aren't optional and endless war isn't inevitable."

‘Actually, Nixon did have a healthcare plan’: Watergate star witness John Dean skewered Republicans at a congressional hearing about the M...

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean and Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz got into a war of words during a hearing on the Mueller report.

A defiant Michael Cohen speaks ahead of public congressional testimony amid taunts from GOP lawmaker

Michael Cohen appeared optimistic following his closed-door testimony with the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Matt Gaetz.

GOP lawmaker accused of obstruction and witness intimidation after apparently threatening to publicly embarrass Michael Cohen one day before his congr...

Rep. Matt Gaetz's tweet came after it was reported that Michael Cohen plans to publicly accuse President Trump of criminal conduct while in office.

A Republican lawmaker tried to kick 2 Parkland fathers out of a congressional hearing on gun violence and said the real danger facing Americans is ill...

Manuel Oliver and Fred Guttenberg, the fathers of Joaquin Oliver and Jamie Guttenberg, shouted at Rep. Matt Gaetz multiple times during his remarks.
Matt Gaetz.

A freshman congressman has already become one of Trump’s biggest allies in Washington

Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz is one of the most media-friendly members of Congress. He has agreed to do an "ungodly" number of profile interviews. He's one of President Donald Trump's top defenders on TV. That has made him an outsize presence in Congress, even as a freshman.
Donald Trump.

‘I know he’s watching television because he’s calling me 5 minutes after’: Republicans go on TV — then they get a call f...

Four Republican members of Congress told Business Insider that yes, President Donald Trump likes to give them a call after they appear on cable news.
Robert Mueller.

The most conservative congressmen are going all-out to fight for Trump against Mueller and the Russia probe

While Trump has spent months seeking to delegitimize Mueller's probe, a group of conservatives has done much of the heavy lifting to combat the investigation.

Democrats aren’t worried about a GOP congressman’s bill to abolish the EPA

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz introduced a bill to abolish the EPA. But that's not the real threat to the agency worrying Democrats.