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Leaked documents reveal McDonald’s response to insiders’ worries about a ‘black-eye’ for its reputation over sick leave amid t...

McDonald's has come under fire for its approach to sick leave amid the coronavirus outbreak, prompting worries about a "black-eye in the media."
McDonald's employees have been authorized to work during the COVID-19 crisis. (Author not pictured.)

I work at McDonald’s and have a compromised immune system. The treatment of workers during the coronavirus pandemic makes my blood boil.

"If more customers did the right thing and remained at home, these big corporations would do the right thing and shut down until the pandemic passes."

The Drive-Thru: Companies respond to the coronavirus, craft chains refuse to close, and workers deal with chaos

The coronavirus is forcing vast transformation of every industry, with retail and restaurant workers on the front lines.

‘We are working ten times harder for no reason’: Desperate, terrified fast food workers from across the US expose the bleak reality of wor...

"I'm already poor. I live paycheck to paycheck, but I would much rather be out of work to help prevent the spread to my children or anyone else."
A McDonald's employee with an order for a customer.

Why fast-food workers are considered essential, even as employees worry they could risk catching or spreading coronavirus at work

Healthcare workers, truck drivers, and others who need fast, inexpensive food are relying on chains as many restaurants and other businesses close.

The Big Mac was named by a 21-year-old McDonald’s secretary, and everyone laughed at it at the time

The Big Mac is arguably McDonald's most iconic menu item, but few know how the burger actually got its name.
McDonald's will no longer serve breakfast all day, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

McDonald’s is cutting its menu and stopping serving breakfast all day amid the coronavirus pandemic

McDonald's is cutting down its menu and will no longer serve breakfast all day due to the coronavirus outbreak.
An employee at a McDonald's in Washington, DC, looks at the order screen to see what she has to prepare next, while wearing gloves.

How fast-food workers and other restaurant employees considered ‘essential’ can stay safe as they continue to go to work, according to exp...

Some fast-food workers are terrified about catching the coronavirus at work. Here are a few tips to stay safe.
McDonald's brown paper bag.

McDonald’s is pushing an ordering system invented for truckers, as 1.8 million drivers struggle to find food amid the coronavirus pandemic

As many fast food locations are going drive-thru only, America's big-rig drivers are going hungry — but a new system from McDonald's will change that.
A McDonald's employee with an order for a customer at the drive thru, as the spread of the coronavirus disease continues, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Britain, March 23, 2020.

The vast majority of recently surveyed employees at McDonald’s, Subway, and Pizza Hut report a lack of access to paid sick leave. A closer look ...

About 78% of McDonald's workers surveyed by The Shift Project reported not having access to paid sick leave.