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McDonald’s employees reveal their favorite menu items

From chain staples to experimental new sandwiches, McDonald's employees often end up at least sampling much of the chain's menu.
What's a McDonald's order that you steer clear of?

McDonald’s employees share the 4 menu items they’d never eat

The McDonald's menu has a ton of options for customers. But tastes vary, and most options aren't for everyone.
Fast food chains are recruiting at churches and through AARP.

Forget teenagers: Fast food joints across the US are hiring senior citizens, and it’s thanks to 2 major demographic trends

Fast food chains across the US are hiring senior citizens instead of teenagers, thanks to a shortage of workers and the fact that more Americans are working past age 65.
Some orders are pretty out there.

McDonald’s drive-thrus are ‘not suitable for horses’ — and 11 other insider facts about McDonald’s that employees know a...

McDonald's employees have some seriously fascinating insight into the fast-food giant. From strange orders to the chain of command, here's a look at insider facts gleaned from McDonald's employees.
Save money by asking for a McDouble with Big Mac sauce.

McDonald’s employees share their 8 best tips for customers

McDonald's restaurant employees know all about how patrons can make the most of their visit to the fast food giant. Here are crew members' top tips for saving time and money.
One crew member said they enjoyed "making friends through the window" at the drive-thru.

McDonald’s employees share the 4 best things about working at the fast food giant

McDonald's restaurant gigs might have a reputation for being tough, just like all fast food jobs, but that isn't the whole story. A number of crew members told Business Insider about their favorite parts of working for the chain.
"Make sure to take care of your workers," one employee told Business Insider.

McDonald’s employees share the 4 things they wish they could tell management

McDonald's restaurant employees spoke to Business Insider about their best advice for the fast food giant's management. Their responses dealt with how to engage employees and keep teams happy.
Kindness matters.

McDonald’s employees share 7 things they learned from working at the fast-food giant

McDonald's jobs are learning opportunities for many employees. Business Insider corresponded with McDonald's crew members to find out what lessons they've learned from working at the fast-food chain.
Here's how to avoid annoying everyone on your next trip to McDonald's.

McDonald’s employees share 11 annoying things they wish customers would stop doing

McDonald's jobs can be rough at times, especially when crew members have to deal with certain annoying behaviors from customers. A number of McDonald's employees told Business Insider about behaviors they wished people would drop in the stores.
Some of these orders are pretty out there, while others could work.

McDonald’s employees share the 14 strangest orders they’ve ever gotten

The McDonald's menu doesn't quite cut it for some of the fast food chain's customers. As a result, McDonald's employees sometimes get rather unusual orders.