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What's a McDonald's order that you steer clear of?

McDonald’s employees share the 11 menu items they’d never eat

The McDonald's menu has a ton of options for customers. But tastes vary, and most options aren't for everyone. Business Insider contacted McDonald's crew members to find out about their least favorite orders.

We tried french fries from 5 major fast-food chains to see who does it best, and there was a clear winner

We pitted Taco Bell's new nacho fries against french fries from other major fast-food chains to see who does it best. One chain rose well above the rest.
McDonald's French Fries.

McDonald’s is giving away free fries. Here’s how to get some.

McDonald's is giving away free French fries on Friday, July 13 in celebration of National French Fry Day. Customers need to download and register for the McDonald's app, and then use the app to make a purchase.
McDonald's salads have been linked to a parasitic illness outbreak.

McDonald’s salads linked to parasitic illness outbreak that has sickened more than 100 people

Health officials have identified McDonald's salads as the possible source of a parasitic illness outbreak that has sickened more than 100 people. The illness, caused by the cyclospora parasite, can last months.

Here’s what it’s like to eat at McDonald’s in 7 countries around the world

After trying the chain's newest US menu item, we asked six of our international colleagues to tell us what it's like to eat at a McDonald's near them.
One crew member said they enjoyed "making friends through the window" at the drive-thru.

McDonald’s employees share the 4 best things about working at the fast food giant

McDonald's restaurant gigs might have a reputation for being tough, just like all fast food jobs, but that isn't the whole story. A number of crew members told Business Insider about their favorite parts of working for the chain.
"Make sure to take care of your workers," one employee told Business Insider.

McDonald’s employees share the 4 things they wish they could tell management

McDonald's restaurant employees spoke to Business Insider about their best advice for the fast food giant's management. Their responses dealt with how to engage employees and keep teams happy.

Here’s how much it costs to open a Papa John’s restaurant

Papa John's is one of the cheapest restaurants to franchise. It costs about $300,000 to open a new Papa John's restaurant, while a new McDonald's restaurant costs $1 million to $2.2 million, by comparison.
Taco Bell Fries

Taco Bell’s limited-time fries paid off big for the chain, and now they’re coming back

Taco Bell is bringing its fries back to the menu on July 12, again for a limited time. We taste-tested Taco Bell's fries and found they were like nothing else fast-food chains are serving right now.
There's a new way to get your grub — and it may be a good thing for fast-food employees.

Robots are already working in fast-food restaurants — here’s exactly what they’re doing right now

McDonald's, KFC, Panera, and other fast food joints already have robot employees. Experts say that this automation won't replace human workers. Instead, they say the bots fill a major labor gap in food service.