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A Whopper from Burger King Sweden's new 50/50 menu.

Burger King Sweden is challenging customers to guess if their Whopper is meat or plant-based

Customers who buy Whoppers or Crispy Chicken Burgers from the new "50/50 menu" could instead receive a meatless Rebel Whopper or Rebel Chicken King.
Impossible Foods plans to work off of its existing plant-based beef recipe to create the fishless fish.

Impossible Foods is diving into the fishless fish market

The brand has already found its way into Burger King and Cheesecake Factory restaurants across the country with its "bleeding" plant-based burgers.

Why online-meat-delivery startups and imitation-meat brands are simultaneously thriving in today’s food world

Specialty meat companies and plant-based meat substitutes are becoming more popular. Here's how the two industries are thriving simultaneously.
Arby's latest creation is the "Marrot," a carrot made of meat that looks and tastes just like the orange vegetable.

Arby’s has flipped the vegan ‘meat’ trend on its head with the ‘megetable,’ a carrot made out of turkey that looks and t...

Arby's latest creation is a "megetable" called the "Marrot," a carrot made of meat that looks and tastes just like the orange vegetable.
Cooking steak doesn't have to be complicated.

10 tips for cooking the perfect steak, according to chefs

Cooking the perfect steak doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some easy tips for cooking steak, according to chefs and culinary experts.
Commenters on the post stressed the dangers that come with mislabeling foods.

People are outraged after someone said they swapped the labels on meat and vegetarian products at a supermarket for a joke

Many people slammed label switching, describing it as inconsiderate and potentially life-threatening, after a Facebook user's post went viral.
Properly cooking meat can be harder than it looks.

9 of the best tips for cooking meat, according to chefs

From cooking steaks to grilling chicken, here are some chefs' best tips for cooking meat easily and deliciously.
Replacing a burger with fish could decrease your risk of death by 17%.

There’s even more evidence that eating too much red meat shortens your lifespan

Increasing red meat intake, particularly when it's processed, was associated with a heightened risk of death of 10-13%.

Beyond Meat shares fall on report that some grocery stores aren’t sure it belongs in the meat aisle

Beyond Meat fell more than 2% premarket following a report that there is confusion in grocery stores over where the product belongs.
PFAS have been found in food packaging, as well as food items.

The FDA found ‘forever chemicals’ in meat, seafood, and chocolate cake sold in grocery stores. Here’s how worried you should be.

The toxic chemicals in question, known as PFAS, have been associated with cancer, liver damage, and developmental issues.