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DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Google’s latest digital health moves — GE partners with Nvidia — Digital health platform in China could see...

Google announced a number of strategic cloud partnerships with IT companies in the healthcare industry.

Where you live can affect your likelihood of having a go-to doctor — and that could play a big role in your health

The percent of adults who didn't have a go-to medical center varied greatly by state, from less than 3% of people in Vermont, to more than a quarter in Nevada.

The explosion in overdoses from legal drugs is changing how doctors treat pain — but it may not be enough

"[Doctors] don’t want to deal with [prescribing opioids] and I don't blame them.”

This company plans to offer genetic health screenings, but only the super wealthy could afford them

Genome pioneer J. Craig Venter is starting a venture to provide comprehensive health exams and genetic screenings.