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Apply pressure to a nosebleed and wait.

4 ways to quickly stop a bloody nose

Nosebleeds usually aren't dangerous — just apply pressure to the soft part of your nose and wait. You can also use ice or a nasal spray.
UPS just started America's first drone delivery route.

UPS just beat out Amazon, FedEx, and Uber to make America’s first revenue-generating drone delivery

UPS, partnered with Matternet, just moved crucial medical supplies via drone in WakeMed Raleigh's medical campus.

10 reasons why you keep getting nosebleeds, according to an expert

Anything that dries out your nose, including winter weather and nasal sprays, can cause it to bleed.
A doctor inspects a patient's mouth.

13 signs you should go to the doctor

A sudden change could indicate a clot, cancer, or infection. INSIDER spoke with medical experts about what signs and symptoms you should never ignore.
Knowing the answers to certain medical questions can help you to calculate your potential future health risks.

6 medical questions you should ask your family to better predict your own health

Some health conditions are hereditary or influenced by your family history. Here are important questions to ask about your family's medical history.
Houston nursing student Christina Smith thought she just had a hangover, but she later learned she had a brain tumor.

A woman thought she had a hangover but it turned out to be a brain tumor

A woman in Houston believed she was suffering a hangover. But it turned out she was actually suffering from a brain tumor. Here's the harrowing story of her diagnosis and recovery.

These dentists-turned-entrepreneurs invented a clever way to choose the lowest price you want to pay for dental treatment — here’s how it ...

Two Brooklyn-based dentists have created a tool that matches patients and dentists by price and location.

6 things Hollywood gets wrong about doctors — and 4 things it gets right

There are a lot of myths out there about medicine.