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Lifesaving devices for coronavirus patients are ‘breaking down,’ so the company famous for explaining Apple device repairs is crowdsourcin...

iFixit is building a central resource for the maintenance and repair of medical equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.
The patient sat in the crowded waiting area near the line where other patients were waiting to pick up medication.

A CVS pharmacist describes frantically wiping down everything after a close encounter with a patient who broke COVID-19 quarantine orders

A COVID-19 patient who was released from the hospital entered a CVS. Once at the counter, she told the pharmacist that she was still under quarantine.

The FDA is allowing two drugs to be used for ‘compassionate use’ to treat the coronavirus. Here’s what that means.

The term "compassionate use" refers to using a drug that's not FDA approved when other treatment options are not available.

How to get an advance supply of critical medicine to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak and quarantine

Experts recommend people who take life-saving medications like those for diabetes and heart disease stock up now. Here's how.
"You don't need to run out and get your face mask but you should run out and get your flu vaccine," NYU's Dr. Jennifer Lighter told Business Insider.

Hospitals are stockpiling supplies amid fears a coronavirus-related mask shortage could endanger healthcare providers

Medical experts say most US citizens are more at risk from seasonal influenza than the coronavirus, but that hasn't helped quell fears.
Security personnel check the temperature of passengers in the Wharf at the Yangtze River in Wuhan, Hubei province, China.

The coronavirus has reached Los Angeles, where the fourth person diagnosed in the US just arrived from China

The fourth person the US to be diagnosed with coronavirus just arrived in Los Angeles from Wuhan, China, where the virus originated.
There are only five FDA-approved weight-loss drugs on the market.

A popular weight-loss drug may need a cancer warning after users were diagnosed with tumors

Belviq was first approved by the FDA in 2012 and works by making people feel fuller than they actually are. It was never approved for use in Canada.

A TikTok user’s simple trick for lowering pricey hospital bills is going viral

TikTok user shaunnaburns3 told viewers to ask their hospitals for itemized bills as a way to lower the cost of their medical care.

Sars ruled out as cause of Wuhan virus; WHO says no evidence of human-to-human transmission

A three-year-old girl with a history of travel to Wuhan was hospitalised in Singapore.
A baby (not Lewis) in a maternity ward.

A Texas judge said a hospital can take an 11-month-old off life support, but the family and some pro-life groups object

Medical professionals have asked to keep broader political and religious issues out of what they believe is best for the baby.