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Australia terror attack leaves one dead, 2 injured in stabbing spree

The suspect died in hospital after being shot in the chest by police. The attack took place on Bourke Street in central Melbourne.

Car on fire, possible stabbing attack on a major street in Melbourne’s city center

Unverified video shows a car on fire pulled over to the side of the street as a man approaches two police officers with what appears to be a knife.
The best places to visit in September span the globe.

The 13 best places to visit in September for every type of traveler

The best places to visit in September depend on climate data, cultural calendars, and peak travel times. September is shoulder season for many top tourism destinations, and savvy travelers are already planning their trips.

10,000 Australians held a vigil for a young woman killed while walking home, and it’s bringing attention to a much bigger issue

Over 10,000 people attended a vigil in Melbourne, Australia, to honor murdered comedian Eurydice Dixon. Less than a week ago Dixon was sexually assaulted and murdered with police's subsequent comments seen to be victim-blaming.
The pungent smell of rotting durian was mistaken for a gas leak at an Australian university.

An Australian university was evacuated when a pungent fruit was mistaken for a gas leak

500 people were evacuated from a Melbourne university after the pungent smell of rotting durian traveled through the library's air-conditioning system.
An artistic rendering for Apple's flagship Melbourne store, which will replace an indigenous cultural center at Federation Square.

A public square is being handed over to Apple for its newest flagship store — and some locals are furious

Apple's new Melbourne location signals the company's goal to put stores in public spaces. Not everyone is excited.
Emergency responders near the scene of the attack.

Vehicle ramming attack that injured 19 in Australia probably wasn’t terror, police say

Victoria state police said they have no evidence to suggest that the ramming attack was terror-related.

A parking garage magnate turned one of his properties into an ‘Airstream trailer hotel’ with a Jacuzzi and free WiFi

Notel charges $395 a night to stay in one of its renovated Airstream trailers.