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The best men’s parkas for winter

For most of us outside of the tropics, life in winter is better with a parka. They're warm, fluffy, and you can wear just about anything underneath.

The best electric razors

Electric razors help you cut your beard, shave, and remove other body hair quickly and easily. These are the best electric razors you can buy in 2019.
More men are freezing their sperm.

More men are freezing their sperm, and it’s just more evidence that millennials are defining life milestones on their own terms

While some men are freezing sperm before a vasectomy, others are doing it for health and infertility reasons — sperm quality ages over time.

The best men’s rain jackets you can buy

Nobody likes to get wet during a rainstorm. These are the best rain jackets for men that will keep you completely dry in a downpour.

From steel workers to barbers, here are 20 guy-dominated jobs that are vanishing quickly

Industries that were once traditionally boys' clubs are dwindling in the US. Our research found the jobs with steep declines in employment.

The best men’s workout clothes you can buy

Good workout clothes make hitting the gym easier. These are the best workout clothes for men from our favorite athleticwear brands in 2019.

The best men’s workout shirts you can buy

Working out in a ratty t-shirt is not the best choice because there are so many innovative workout shirts. We found the best workout shirts for men.

The best flip flops for men and women

Flip flops are the perfect sandals for the beach and summertime. We've rounded up the best flip flops for men and women at a variety of price points.
War Paint has been widely criticized online for its advertising images, like this one.

A beauty brand made for men is facing backlash for saying male skin is ‘tougher’ than women’s

Many feel the beauty brand is spreading "toxic masculinity" through its dark packaging, advertising campaigns, and its "War Paint" name.

The best men’s sunglasses you can buy

Whether it's aviators a sporty pair, every guy needs a great pair of sunglasses. We've rounded up the five best pairs of sunglasses for men.