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A midcentury modern Silicon Valley Airbnb.

From tiny houses to massive midcentury mansions, these 10 rental homes will improve any visit to Silicon Valley

Visitors to Silicon Valley have a lot of options. We compiled a list of Airbnbs that are interesting and unusual, from yurts to treehouses.

Facebook has armed guards covertly patrolling its idyllic Silicon Valley headquarters

Facebook has built a 6,000-person security army to protect its workers around the globe.
A party on Facebook's Menlo Park, California, campus, in 2015. (This is not the party described in this story.)

A Facebook funeral party at its HQ once descended into violence, and security suspected gang involvement

Facebook's security team has its hands full protecting employees from the outside world — and each other.
A recent photo of one of Facebook's bikes shared by a local resident.

Employees keep dumping Facebook’s free bikes in surrounding neighborhoods, and police are hassling local kids who try to ride them

Police are stopping children who are riding the bikes, which are cluttering city streets.
A photograph of two of the Menlo Park foxes taken in 2013.

Facebook employees are obsessed with the foxes that hang out on their office roof

Facebook employees have to share their shiny new headquarters with some wild, four-legged friends.
A protest by VPN.com outside Facebook's campus in Menlo Park, California.

Confessions of Facebook’s parking valets, who see everything from protests to panic attacks

BI PRIME: Facebook's parking-garage valets work on the front lines of one of the world's biggest companies — here's what they've witnessed.

Facebook is building a village that will include housing, a grocery store and a hotel

Facebook unveiled plans for its new campus, which includes housing, a pharmacy, a grocery store, and a hotel.