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A third of children have suffered a traumatic experience.

8% of children experience PTSD by the time they reach 18, according to a new study

Half of children with PTSD had self-harmed, and one in five had attempted suicide, but just one in five had seen a mental health professional in the past year.
Some people choose to live the single life forever.

7 science-backed reasons why you’re better off being single

Being alone isn't the same as being lonely. There are numerous mental and physical benefits to being on your own.
There's an evidence-backed way to treat perinatal depression, experts say.

Depression affects as many as 1 in 7 new moms, but health experts just recommended an effective treatment that could prevent it

Counseling could be an effective way to prevent perinatal depression, according to a new recommendation from the US Preventive Services Task Force.
Timid and anxious or mini psychopathic lion plotting to kill you? Who knows.

Your own anxiety could be making your cat stressed out

Human behaviour can have a big impact on how pets feel.
Night owls blame themselves for not being like other people.

What it’s like to have seasonal affective disorder when you’re also a night owl

Being a night owl isn't a curse, even though it feels like it is sometimes.
Cardi B.

Cardi B opened up about her postpartum depression: ‘Out of nowhere, the world was heavy on my shoulders’

Cardi B has spoken about her mental health in the past, including the anxiety of being a musician and coming out with top hits.

21 celebrity moms who got real about having postpartum depression after their kids were born

From Cardi B to Chrissy Teigen, these moms have been candid about their experiences suffering from forms of postpartum depression.
Therapy can include a lot more than just talking.

6 fascinating forms of therapy you’d be surprised work

Though talk therapy is important and widely used, there are several other successful therapies that you might not know about.
Ted Bundy on TV.

Facing dark thoughts like murder or rape fantasies could help us sympathise with ‘evil,’ according to a criminal psychologist

According to criminal psychologist Julia Shaw, the word 'evil' is defunct, and someone's humanity is a lot more nuanced than the worst decision they ever made.
That succulent is the only plant to survive the frail light in our apartment. Hence the HappyLight to help both me and my plants combat the "winter blues."

This $80 lamp has helped me cope with the winter blues at home by emitting light that mimics the sun

Seasonal depression affects millions of people, but therapy lights that mimic the sun can be a helpful treatment. Here's why I like the Verilux HappyLight Touch lamp.