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Successful people don't waste their time on things that don't matter.

7 things mentally strong people don’t waste time doing, according to a psychotherapist

What does it take to be a mentally strong person? Confident people focus on their goals and actions, and don't waste their time.
13 Reasons Why's final season will air on Netflix.

’13 Reasons Why’ didn’t cause an increase in teen suicides, according to a new report

Suicide rates have been increasing since 2008. If a "contagion effect" were at play, the rates would have spiked more in teen girls.
Penn Badgley on season two, episode seven of "You."

3 things ‘You’ gets right about serial killers, and 2 things it gets wrong

Serial killers do tend to use their wit and charm to manipulate others, but not all are motivated by love or sex.
Gabbie Hanna considered getting chin liposuction.

The struggle YouTubers are facing with their body image isn’t just a result of vanity. It’s a long-standing battle between hate comments, ...

Being so visible can increase confidence in many ways, but it can also warp the way influencers see themselves.
Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg in "You" on Netflix.

‘You’ fans think Joe is a psychopath, but mental health experts say they’re wrong

"You" never explicitly diagnoses its main character Joe Goldberg with any mental health condition, but that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing.
Kati Morton spoke to Eugenia Cooney about her experience.

A YouTuber opened up about her friends forcing her into psychiatric hospital because of her eating disorder

Eugenia Cooney talked to therapist Kati Morton about what it was like to be put on a 5150, or a 72 hour psychiatric hold, by her friends.
Some resolutions are worth keeping. Others aren't.

Why you should drop the new year’s resolution you’re really struggling with already

New year's resolutions are a good way of testing ourselves and improving willpower. But they can also do more harm than good.
Open Sourcing Mental Illness founder Ed Finkler

Meet the developer group trying to break the mental health stigma in tech, where moving fast and breaking things leads developers to burnout and healt...

After developer Ed Finkler spoke about depression, anxiety, and ADHD at a tech conference, he decided to start Open Sourcing Mental Illness.
Nearly 18% of the population has an anxiety disorder.

7 things mental health experts wish you knew about anxiety

Anxiety is the most common — yet most undertreated — mental illness in America. Only 36% of individuals with an anxiety disorder get treatment.

Being a psychotherapist taught me that almost everyone shares one insecurity

Nearly everyone thinks that they are not good enough — but they don't assume the same thing about others.