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U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., April 27, 2017.

North Korea just called Trump an old imbecile in the latest sign the country is back on a warpath

Kim Jong Un first used the insult "dotard" — referring to someone who's senile and losing it — in 2017, when Trump called him "Little Rocket Man."
In October, Rep. Katie Porter of California challenged Mark Zuckerberg to moderate disturbing content for an hour each day, but Zuckerberg declined.

A former Facebook moderator is suing the firm, claiming that reviewing horrific material left him with PTSD

Chris Gray is seeking damages from both Facebook Ireland and CPL, the company that directly employed him.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump pauses during a campaign event September 6, 2016 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

350 health professionals sign letter to Congress claiming Trump’s mental health is deteriorating dangerously amid impeachment proceedings

Trump is doubling down on conspiracy theories and falsehoods as he faces impeachment, a sign psychiatrists say means he could be delusional.

What happens to your body and brain over the holidays

Experts in psychology and brain chemistry say that clear communication and self-care are key during the holidays.

When you feel overwhelmed, understand balance is hard

The world of work has changed. Technology was supposed to have made our lives easier, but instead we find ourselves on our phones at 10 p.m. on Friday nights, trying to read complex work emails on 5.5″ screens.
The author and her husband.

My husband is my caregiver, and spending $45 a month on his life insurance means I won’t be alone if he dies

She has schizophrenia and needs support — a life insurance policy means she can still afford care if her husband dies.
Jason Nash is a stand-up comedian and YouTuber.

A former ‘SNL’ assistant turned YouTuber with millions of followers tells all about vlog-life — from eating toenails to burnout

Nash said he has the best job in the world, but he can struggle with finding the balance between his kids and being David Dobrik's right hand man.
Millennials are experiencing a decline in mental health.

A decline in mental health is having the same effect on millennials that the Vietnam War and the AIDS epidemic did on past generations, new report say...

Studies from 2019 have found that depression and "deaths of despair" are on the rise among millennials.
Sherry Benton.

A psychologist’s guide to managing your anxiety before, during, and even after a job interview

Dr. Sherry Benton has more than 25 years of clinical and research experience in counseling. Here are her tips for reducing interview anxiety.
Mental strength requires practice.

6 habits of mentally strong people that you should adopt today

Like physical strength, mental strength requires consistent practice to maintain. You can start with gratitude and self-care.