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Sen. Marco Rubio took Facebook to task on Sunday.

Marco Rubio throws Facebook under the bus for allowing Trump-linked firm to take 50 million users’ information in massive data ‘breachR...

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida pointed to Facebook's size as a tech company and lamented its ability to play outside the rules.
President Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon

Bannon’s split with Breitbart’s top donors could cost him 40% of his income

Steve Bannon's financial future might be in peril now that he has lost his main donors' backing.
Peter Thiel, right, is one of President Trump's closest allies in Silicon Valley.

Peter Thiel is reportedly in touch with the Mercer family about launching a conservative cable network

The PayPal billionaire was in touch with Fox News founder Roger Ailes before his death in May, but has moved forward with the project since.