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Shari Redstone, head of National Amusements, and CBS CEO Leslie Moonves.

Shari Redstone is reportedly ‘likely’ to fire Les Moonves as CEO of CBS if the Viacom merger falls through

Shari Redstone, head of National Amusements, is likely to fire Leslie Moonves as the head of CBS if a merger between CBS and Viacom falls through, CNBC reports.

Disney has to clear 3 hurdles to become ‘a global player in streaming’

Disney has some short-term challenges ahead, warns and RBC Capital Markets analyst.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, left, listens carefully to President Donald Trump, right.

Goldman Sachs was ‘freaked out’ by a rumor that Trump would personally kill the Amazon/Whole Foods deal because of Jeff Bezos

The $13.7 billion deal was at the center of a four-day 'freak out' in Washington DC.

Xerox is sliding after being sued by one of its largest shareholders

Billionaire investor Darwin Deason, Xerox's third-largest shareholder, opposes the proposed deal.

Retailers GOAT and Flight Club merge into online sneaker shopping paradise, snag $60 million in new funding

GOAT and Flight Club are merging, but the two companies, which specialize in hard-to-find sneakers, will keep operating under their own brands.
Shari Redstone, head of National Amusements, and CBS CEO Leslie Moonves.

CBS CEO Les Moonves could make up to $280 million if Shari Redstone fires him over embattled CBS-Viacom merger

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves could reportedly make up to $280 million if he is fired over an embattled potential merger between CBS and Viacom.
Matt Rissell (left), CEO and co-founder of TSheets, will work under Alex Chriss at Intuit.

An Idaho founder turned an annoying time-tracking problem into a $340 million acquisition from QuickBooks owner Intuit

TSheets was formed in 2006 when its co-founder needed a better tool for time tracking at another company.

Former Bush ethics chief says the Justice Department’s demands to Time Warner on AT&T deal is an ‘impeachable offense’

Former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter is calling on AT&T and Time Warner to sue the DOJ to find out if the White House attempted to influence it.