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Spring breakers have been contributing to the spread of the coronavirus.

44 Texas spring breakers who partied in Cabo have tested positive for the coronavirus

The spring breakers reportedly got on a chartered plane with 70 people. It shows why spring break is such a problem during the coronavirus pandemic.
Peter Bocian went into a silent meditation retreat in Oaxaca, Mexico on March 12. When he emerged from the retreat days later, the number of novel coronavirus cases had spiked, and the world he left had significantly changed.

He entered into a silent meditation retreat in a remote part of Mexico on March 12. When he emerged, the coronavirus had dramatically changed the worl...

The 31-year-old automation engineer handed over his cell phone at the beginning of his silent retreat, unaware of how quickly COVID-19 was spreading.
A construction crew (R) works on the US side of the US-Mexico border fence as seen from Tijuana, in Baja California state, Mexico, on April 24, 2019.

Mexican protesters hold ‘stay at home’ signs on the border with the US over fear of the coronavirus outbreak

"This is for your health. This is for your family. Or what do you want to happen?" Jose Luis Hernandez told the Arizona Republic.
Migrants queue for water at a camp in Matamoros, Mexico on March 20, 2020.

2,500 migrants are stuck at a US-Mexico border camp ‘ripe for mass infection.’ Photos show how they’re preparing for a potential cor...

Migrants at the Matamoros camp, near Texas, have been in limbo after the Trump administration postponed all immigration hearings over the coronavirus.
Ian Jerolmack, who owns Stonecipher Farm in Bowdoinham, lost half his crop this year because his usual crew of Mexican migrant workers were unable to come to Maine.

The US is halting visas for Mexican guest workers, and farmers say it’ll disrupt the food supply while grocery stores are already struggling to ...

Grocery stores across the country have been subjected to panic-buying amid the coronavirus pandemic, with many running out of staple products.
Cameron and Lauren on "Love is Blind."

What it’s like to stay at the all-inclusive Mexican resort from ‘Love Is Blind,’ which even offers an ‘experience’ based...

The romantic experience includes a private suite, sparkling wine and chocolate truffles, and activities like stargazing, massages, and beach picnics.
US president Donald Trump.

Trump hinted at shutting the US border with Mexico over coronavirus but backtracked 10 minutes later

Mexico has confirmed three coronavirus cases, while the US reported its first death.
Guards by a hole where prisoners in a gallery for members of Brazil's First Capital Command gang broke out, in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, January 22, 2020.

3 jailbreaks in 3 countries reveal ongoing problems in fight against Latin America’s most powerful gangs

2020 is only two months old, but Latin America has already seen three jailbreaks by the region's most powerful criminal groups.
A 19-year-old from Texas hid 81 pounds of meth in his mustang and was arrested trying to smuggle the drugs across the border.

A Texas teen was arrested allegedly trying to cross the US-Mexico border with $1.6 million of meth stashed in his Mustang

The 19-year-old from San Juan, Texas, was trying to smuggle the drug across the border after a weekend in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, CBP officers said.

Netflix is going to rank its most popular shows each day

The streaming giant will reveal its most popular shows in almost 100 countries, including the US.