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A woman spotted her relatives' plea for help, spelled out on their lawn, in NOAA aerial images taken after Hurricane Michael.

A woman spotted her relatives’ call for ‘HELP’ in photos NOAA took of Hurricane Michael’s aftermath, and the program could rev...

"I'm happy that there was a happy ending to this," Mike Aslaksen, remote sensing division chief of the NOAA's National Geodetic Survey, told Business Insider on Tuesday.

25 photos show Hurricane Michael’s destruction from the sky

Hurricane Michael left a wake of destruction after making landfall in Florida on Wednesday. As residents returned to their homes and businesses to survey the damage, photojournalists used helicopters to document what it looked like. Here's what they found.

Devastating photos show Hurricane Michael’s damage in Mexico Beach, Florida, where the storm made landfall

Homes in Mexico Beach, Florida were destroyed and submerged in water after Hurricane Michael made landfall there on Wednesday afternoon. Florida Gov. Rick Scott said damage was "way worse than anybody ever anticipated." Here's what the Mexico Beach area looks like.