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Chrissy Teigen was all smiles after spilling her drink everywhere.

Dwyane Wade sent Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s drinks flying when he crashed into them courtside, and a photographer managed to capture the m...

The American model Chrissy Teigen and her musician husband, John Legend, had front row seats for Dwyane Wade's last Miami Heat game.
Barack Obama gave Dwyane Wade a tribute he'll never forget before he played his final home game as a member of the Miami Heat.

Obama gives heartfelt tribute to Dwyane Wade ahead of his final game in Miami

Watch Barack Obama give Dwyane Wade a tribute he'll never forget before he played his final home game as a member of the Miami Heat.
Chris Bosh had to learn to give up on his dream of an NBA comeback.

NBA legend Chris Bosh explained how Gordon Hayward’s gruesome ankle injury and Kobe Bryant’s Oscar ended his desire to come back from bloo...

NBA legend Chris Bosh was still planning a comeback until he saw Gordon Hayward's gruesome injury and Kobe Bryant win an Oscar.
Life imitates art.

Derrick Jones jumped so high to score a basket that he ended up looking like the Air Jordan logo

Miami Heat player Derrick Jones Jr scored in such theatrical style he looked like the "Jumpman" in Nike's iconic Air Jordan logo.

Dwyane Wade surprised a little-known rookie guard who grew up idolizing him with a post-game jersey swap

Kevin Huerter grew up a fan of Dwyane Wade and wears No. 3, in part, because of the Miami Heat great. Huerter was surprised, then, when Wade asked to swap jerseys with him.

Dwyane Wade hits miracle, off-balance 3-pointer at the buzzer to beat the Golden State Warriors

Watch Dwyane Wade turn back time as hit his an off-balance three-pointer at the buzzer and off the backboard to beat the Golden State Warriors.

Warriors beat Heat in close game after referees miss crucial double-dribble call on Kevin Durant

If the referees had called a double-dribble on Kevin Durant, the Heat would have gotten the ball back in the final seconds to win it or go to overtime.

LeBron James channeled ‘Dodgeball’ when he mercilessly pounded the ball off Kelly Olynyk’s gut during an NBA game

LeBron James could switch career as his dodgeball skills were there for all to see during the LA Lakers' 108-105 win on Monday.
LeBron James.

LeBron James rammed home 51 points for the LA Lakers to punish his former team Miami Heat

The LA Lakers have now won five of their last six games in the NBA, reversing a losing start to the season.

Things between Jimmy Butler and the Wolves are about to get awkward as NBA teams balk at the price of a trade

Plenty of NBA stars have made trade demands, but none of them have had to show back up to their team. Meanwhile, the Wolves can't find a deal they like for Jimmy Butler, and he may have to report to them when games begin.