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Robert Mueller.

Here’s everyone who has been charged and convicted in Mueller’s Russia probe so far

Robert Mueller has charged a total of four Americans, 25 Russians, and 3 Russian companies.

Jeff Sessions is out — here are all the casualties of the Trump administration so far

From Nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson to Anthony Scaramucci and Reince Priebus, here's everyone who has left the Trump administration so far.

The FBI and Citibank are reportedly investigating a suspiciously large 2016 payment from the Russian embassy to its ambassador to the US

Examiners at Citibank and investigators from the FBI are investigating what they say is a suspiciously large 2016 transaction from Russia's embassy in the US to Sergey Kislyak, Russia's ambassador to the US at the time, BuzzFeed News reported on Wednesday.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis during a visit to the Monument to the Dead of World War II in Rio de Janeiro, August 14, 2018.

Mattis gave a blunt warning against generals becoming politicians, and in neighboring country where this is happening

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is traveling through South America to boost US ties, and while in Brazil, he was about the military's role in politics — a touchy subject in Latin America's biggest country.
Michael Flynn.

Michael Flynn’s lawyers cite ‘misunderstanding,’ say he is not joining a new lobbying firm

In addition to drawing scrutiny over his Russia ties, former national security adviser Michael Flynn was also under a separate FBI investigation over his lobbying work for the Turkish government.
Michael Cohen.

Michael Cohen just made a move that Michael Flynn made days before sealing a deal with Mueller, and he could be ‘preparing the way to flip’...

President Donald Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen will soon end a joint defense agreement with the president, ABC News reported Monday. That's the same thing the former national security adviser Michael Flynn did just days before he reached an agreement with the special counsel Robert Mueller.
Michael Cohen.

Trump has complete control over the one factor that could lead Michael Cohen to flip

President Donald Trump's apparent refusal to pay his former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen's legal fees has baffled experts, who say Trump faces significant exposure if Cohen flips. At least two witnesses in the Russia probe flipped because they could not cover the legal bills.
Paul Manafort.

Trump says he feels ‘badly’ for associates in Mueller’s crosshairs and doesn’t rule out pardoning them

President Donald Trump on Friday said he felt bad for his associates who were under investigation or who had been charged in the Russia investigation. Trump singled out his campaign chairman Paul Manafort, his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and his former lawyer Michael Cohen.
Robert Mueller.

Trump’s legal team made a number of bombshell claims in a 20-page memo they sent to Mueller

Among other things, President Trump's lawyers admitted for the first time that he dictated a misleading statement about his son's meeting with a Russian lawyer offering dirt on Hillary Clinton at Trump Tower in June 2016.
Robert Mueller.

Trump just sent a clear signal to associates in Mueller’s crosshairs to ‘stay the course and he will protect them’

Dinesh D'Souza, Martha Stewart, and Rod Blagojevich were convicted, among other things, of obstruction of justice, lying to investigators, and campaign finance violations — all of which President Trump and his associates are being investigated for or have been charged with.