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Snap Chairman Michael Lynton.

Former Sony Entertainment CEO spent 2 weeks binging Netflix shows and says he finally understands why everyone is obsessed

Over a two-week period this summer, former Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton went on an Netflix binge that made him feel like a teen.

Snap chairman Michael Lynton met Evan Spiegel because his kids were addicted to the app

Before Michael Lynton became a board member and the eventual chairman of Snapchat parent company Snap Inc., his kids were addicted to the messaging app.

Sony Entertainment’s CEO is stepping down to go all in as Snap’s chairman ahead of IPO

Sony CEO Michael Lynton is stepping aside to focus on role as Snap Inc.'s Chairman.

Sony CEO Michael Lynton on surviving the 2014 hack, making money in an evolving world, and why ‘The Nanny’ is a hit in Russia

Sony CEO Michael Lynton on Sony after last year's hack and the future of entertainment

Sony CEO Michael Lynton will discuss the future of entertainment at IGNITION 2015

Sony CEO Michael Lynton to Talk the Future of Entertainment at IGNITION 2015

Here’s what Sony’s CEO learned from the brutal hack attack last year

Sony CEO Michael Lynton says you have to know who to call.