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UBiome founders Zac Apte and Jessica Richman

uBiome convinced Silicon Valley that testing poop was worth $600 million. Then the FBI came knocking. Here’s the inside story.

Read a preview of our story on how uBiome cut corners on its science and put the company's growth before patients' best interests.
The testing kit from uBiome.

I tried a test from troubled poop-testing startup uBiome that let me peek inside a ‘forgotten organ.’ Here’s what I learned.

I tried a gut-microbiome test kit from uBiome, hoping to learn more about the trillions of organisms in my digestive tract. I came away surprised.
UBiome founders Zac Apte and Jessica Richman

uBiome’s founder repeatedly presented herself as years younger than she was, in the latest sign of trouble at the embattled $600 million poop-te...

Cofounder Jessica Richman presented herself as years younger than she was, in an apparent effort to be included in articles showcasing young founders.
Warby Parker and SmileDirectClub are inking deals with insurers.

Dispensed: Troubles at uBiome, pharma giant Merck’s plan to upend the $20 billion HIV market, and why insurers are starting to embrace brands li...

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UBiome founders Zac Apte and Jessica Richman. Apte and Richman were co-CEOs before being placed on leave.

Customer complaints show $600 million health startup uBiome has been surprising patients and insurers with bills for years

The FBI raided uBiome's headquarters, and its co-CEOs were placed on leave. The startup has said it's cooperating with authorities.
uBiome cofounder Jessica Richman was placed on administrative leave from her role as co-CEO.

Microbiome-testing company uBiome has placed its founders on leave following an FBI raid

General Counsel John Rakow was named interim CEO, and uBiome said it plans to conduct an investigation of its billing practices.

The FBI reportedly just raided microbiome-testing startup uBiome as part of an investigation into improper billing

The FBI raided microbiome testing startup uBiome's San Francisco offices on Friday, according to media reports.

Bill Gates says a diet ‘breakthrough’ based on the microbes crawling in your gut could help the world’s waistlines

Gates says that our scientific understanding of the gut microbiome is exploding and that it will help people eat better.
“To Dust” stars Géza Röhrig as Shmuel, a grieving Orthodox Jew. Matthew Broderick plays his unlikely sidekick: a community college science teacher.

Why you never really die: A microbiologist explains all the ways the body lives on, and why we don’t decay until we’re dead

Just because we stop breathing doesn't mean living ends. Microbiologist Maria Dominguez-Bello explains what happens after we die.