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Apple keeps the retail experience simple by removing distractions and drawing your attention to opportunities to try its products.

We visited the flagship stores of Apple and Microsoft in New York City — and the winner was obvious

Apple's and Microsoft's flagship New York City stores say a lot about each company's strategy.

I bought my last laptop straight from Microsoft — and you should too

If you're going to buy a Windows PC, make sure it's a Signature Edition. And you can only get that directly through Microsoft.

This is the stuff you can only get at Microsoft’s campus gift shop

Here's what you'll find if you visit the Microsoft Visitor Center in Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft just brought back its best deal ever

Microsoft's Work and Play Bundle is $149 and comes with subscriptions to Office 365, Xbox Live Gold, and more.

I just used Microsoft’s version of the Apple Genius Bar and it was awesome

The Microsoft Store's Answer Desk is like the Apple Store Genius Bar for Windows.