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Max Rose.

Behind the scenes of one of the midterms’ biggest upsets — Democrat Max Rose’s defeat of incumbent Republican Dan Donovan on Staten ...

Max Rose, a Democrat and veteran, defeated incumbent Republican Dan Donovan in New York's most conservative borough in the midterms on Tuesday.
Denver Riggleman celebrates Farmer's Day in a Facebook post.

Trump-backed Republican who allegedly shared questionable content about ‘Bigfoot’ on social media won a House seat in Virginia

Republican Denver Riggleman's social media habits were scrutinized after his Democratic opponent shared a screenshot of his alleged Instagram posts.

7 photos that perfectly capture the history-making wave of women who won on Election Day

Seven photos that perfectly capture the history-making wave of women who won on Election Day
Erin Zwiener

A first-time candidate in Texas who campaigned at the hospital after going into labor during a border-separation protest won a seat in the state’...

Democrat Erin Zwiener defeated Republican Ken Strange in Texas' District 45 House of Representatives race on Tuesday night.

One of the most hotly contested Senate races looks like it could be headed for a recount

Rick Scott, who had served as Florida’s governor since 2011, claimed victory over Bill Nelson early Tuesday morning.

Trump watched midterm election results with Republican donors while eating pizza and french fries

Dozens of President Donald Trump’s friends attended the gathering at the White House on Tuesday night.
A few dedicated funds are capitalizing on marijuana prohibition in a big way.

Michigan just became the 10th state to legalize marijuana. Here’s where marijuana won and lost in the midterms.

Michigan legalized recreational marijuana, while Utah and Missouri voted to legalize medicinal marijuana.

An Afghan refugee who fled the Taliban was voted into New Hampshire’s House of Representatives

Democrat Safiya Wazir, 27, defeated Republican Dennis Soucy for the seat in New Hampshire's House of Representatives.

One of Republicans’ biggest targets in the Senate gloated at Trump after they failed to unseat him

"I'm not angry because he came here so many times," Sen. Joe Manchin said of the president. "Why should he be angry that I'm telling the truth?"